An Education in the Art of Graffiti: Write of Passage

Graffiti art is having a moment right now in New York. First, Banksy’s residency has caused a quite a commotion among fans. Riling up love on social media and opportunities for defacement and monetary gain, the graffiti artist is making an impression with his stencil works as well as the other mediums he has utilized. The New York City Council approved plans to demolish 5Pointz, the graffiti Mecca in Long Island City, Queens, in order to build luxury apartments. The time seems right to have a discussion about the current state of graffiti art and its larger cultural context.

Write of Passage is a six-week program that begins on Thursday featuring panels, workshops, and exhibitions that will highlight the styles and history of graffiti, a further step towards institutionalization of the art form , as reported by the New York Times. 

The Red Bull and Mass Appeal sponsored event will include installations that document the genesis of the art form and appearances by well-known artists such as Cost, Daze and KR. Classes in the craft will be provided for 12 students that were selected as a partnership with youth organizations such as Paint Straight and Art Start NYC.


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