Addressing the Inevitable Question: Why Art School?

In deciding college majors and career paths, young adults nowadays appear to be more concerned about the economic value of their choices in lieu of pursuing whatever passion truly drives them. The high cost of higher education surely plays a role in this phenomenon as does the current state of the economy and a multitude of other factors. So what about those people who choose to pay thousands of dollars in tuition to study art, a field whose opportunities for fame and success seem extraordinarily far and few between? What was going through their heads when they decided on art school?

Hyperallergic recently posted this article, Why Did You Go to Art School?,that talks about a tumblelog of the same name created by artist Liz Flyntz. The blog features students answering that very same question. When I recently interviewed a current NYU art student about her practice, I figured I could pose the same question to her. She paused for a second before she responded. With a shrug, she laughed, “Art is the only thing I’m good at!”


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